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Post 29 April 2013 in Monty Blog

My article in Tunisia Live is a first personal attempt to diagnose the Tunisian culture. I don't pretend to even scratch the surface of a culture that spans more than 3000 years, but I tried to build on my experience in Western cultures in order put forward some limitations of the culture that, in my opinion, hinder the development of Tunisia towards an innovative and prosperous society. The Tunisian Revolution was a golden opportunity for us, Tunisians, to reflect on our society and ask ourselves: Are we doing everything we can to be an innovative society? Are we properly using our human resources to drive social and economic prosperity? Unfortunately the answer to these questions is no! Our culture still suffers from flaws that substantially impede our progress and squander valuable human resources. Read the article in Tunisia Live.

Post 06 April 2011 in Essays
Révolutions arabes!

إنّ ما يكبّل العرب ليس حكوماتهم بل تاريخهم... على مرّ التّاريخ، إستخدم الخلفاء الدّين في فرض الحكم المطلق و التحكم في رقاب الخلق... و ذلك لم يسمح للحريّة لأن تصبح قيمة في مجتمعاتنا. ثمّ إنّ سكوت الشعوب شجّع الحكومات على التمادي في الإستبداد الشّيء الّذي أبقى على نظريّة سيّاسية متهالكة و بدائيّة إلى فجر القرن الحادي و العشرين.

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