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Creativity as a spark of hope towards an unavoidable defeat!

04 Mar 2014
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What is creativity? It is a deep malaise beautifully sublimated. We are warned about serving two masters, but some people still try it. They are simultaneously in love with life and their integrity. They get consequently stuck between two contradicting principals: The preservation of self calls for harmony, unity and stability and the evolution of life calls for multiplicity, change and growth. As any will is ultimately dictatorial, life pressures all the living to submit to its laws.

The individual who wants to preserve his integrity without giving up on life, faces the hegemony of the blind, sharp and evolutionary forces of life. In this battle, the individual ironically fights with life precisely because he cherishes life. Being bound in energy, time and space, the individual faced by the abundance of life forces, is painfully forced to accommodate these forces, to occasionally withdraw in order not to be disfigured by life tides. Life forces however, present in all the living, still succeed to follow him, penetrate his body and soul, and disturb his thoughts. Such withdrawal is a strategically unconscious move to force life into fairer territory, where the individual can set his world as he wishes, where his powers outweigh the powers of life in an isolated artist basement or in the solitary walks of the man of knowledge. The imperious instinct of love for life forces the individual to go back and immerse himself into life to the fullest, there the individual again, faces the indifferent will of nature that is only merciful to the fit and the strong. In the heroic battle against life for life, the individual crashes, falls and quails seeing that life forces remained intact after so many rounds of battle. In the midst of pain and fatigue, the individual is forced to give up one of his two masters. Lucky draws of nature, in that crucial moment of despair, of complete loss of meaning, of utter nihilism, succeeds to sublimate their pain into a creative deed. They succeed through a reinterpretation of life, of one’s position into it, by an insight on the nature of the evolutionary forces to get a spark of hope, to gain a little territory into the comically disproportionate contest of forces. Through recreating life through his own powers, the creator makes sense of life and therefore succeeds for short while to impose his will on the blind forces of life, he accessed to short moment of triumph over life for life. Creativity is the lucky outcome of the struggle between organized atoms of life against the blind rules of the continuum. Peaks of grief, anguish, sadness and even agony precede the creative moment, the moment where the individual is most unable to cope and about to perish and disappear. However, we humans usually have short memories, we rejoice in the creative deeds and wonder at their beauty and perfection and very easily forget that they have their origins in moments of extreme doubt and alienation.

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Montasser Ghachem

Montasser Ghachem

I am an Econ PhD student in Stockholm University. My interests are Poetry, Philosophy, Sociology, Economics and Game Theory. I am currently visiting Harvard University in USA. I share with you here my poems, my essays and my small discoveries in life. From Tunisia to USA, going through Germany and passing by Sweden; flows my life... A tale of metamorphosis!

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