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03 Jun 2014

Notes from underground - During my various trips to the unconscious, I found out that most of my thoughts are mere descriptions of bargaining outcomes between my internal powers and the external world, they are devoid of any ultimate intrinsic reason. In fact, my thoughts never precede my actions but solely justify them. Through the years, It became clear to me that, in order to improve my thoughts, I had to improve these bargaining outcomes. In this respect, I travel to the depths, to the underground world where desires are repressed, ideas are persecuted, fears are tyrants, reality is avoided and survival is KING! Despite their extreme peril, I still find such trips quite fascinating human experience, they are almost self-sacrificial, very perilous and extremely scary. The depths are very turbulent, violent, devoid of order and raging with uncontrollable drives and repressed energies. The blindly brave will is not satisfied by determining the future but also stretches its hand towards the past. It wants to liberate itself. It is willing to risk survival because it wants to live!

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29 Apr 2014

Man complains all the time about social moral norms. He continuously asserts that they restrict his freedom of action. However, if you look close enough, you will know that man will never let them down. These norms play a crucial role in his stability. He can easily earn sympathy, receive confirmation and get help by conforming to the expectations of others.

04 Mar 2014

What is creativity? It is a deep malaise beautifully sublimated. We are warned about serving two masters, but some people still try it. They are simultaneously in love with life and their integrity. They get consequently stuck between two contradicting principals: The preservation of self calls for harmony, unity and stability and the evolution of life calls for multiplicity, change and growth. As any will is ultimately dictatorial, life pressures all the living to submit to its laws.

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