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Post 01 March 2014 in Funny Mathematics!

I have been reading lately about the stability of dynamic systems and I found the results at first very strange. It says that an equilibrium of a system is stable if and only if all of its corresponding eigenvalues have negative real parts. The word eigenvalue etymologically comes from the German 'Eigenwert' and means intrinsic value. I was wondering, how could a person be stable if all its intrinsic values are negative? I always thought that stability was related to positive appreciation about one's own worth i.e. own eigenvalue! After a while, I discovered that I was shortsighted and that the mathematical statement were very deep for my superficial understanding.

Post 18 March 2010 in Funny Mathematics!

Enoncé: Au milieu de toutes mes pensées complexes, il existe une pensée où je ne pense qu'a toi.

Théorèmes et axiomes: Le lemme de Zorn (Hausdorff Maximality Theorem) affirme que si un ensemble ordonné tel que toute chaîne (sous-ensemble totalement ordonné) possède un majorant, alors il possède un élément maximal. Toute pensée de moi vers toi est condensée en sentiments donc profonde et surtout compacte.

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