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I have been reading lately about the stability of dynamic systems and I found the results at first very strange. It says that an equilibrium of a system is stable if and only if all of its corresponding eigenvalues have negative real parts. The word eigenvalue etymologically comes from the German 'Eigenwert' and means intrinsic value. I was wondering, how could a person be stable if all its intrinsic values are negative? I always thought that stability was related to positive appreciation about one's own worth i.e. own eigenvalue! After a while, I discovered that I was shortsighted and that the mathematical statement were very deep for my superficial understanding.

How could the Weak Law of Large Numbers change your love experiences? What is the cost of using Mathematics in your love life? Mathematics insures you against disappointment but deprives from the euphoria that many a one dreams of... Would you let Mathematics into your love life, would you?

Game theory has been applied to a very wide variety of fields e.g. Economics, Politics, International relations, Biology... but unfortunately not to the most important and salient game ever, the game between man and woman... the game of love. This small article attempts to give a systematic analysis of the game of love.

In Stockholm, through a joint initiative from Montasser Ghachem and Mark Bernard, the scientific journal "Craponometrica" was founded. The journal is novel in so many aspects such as being the first journal with an extremely wide scope within Economics and with no quality strandards. The slogan of journal "We proudly publish anything" is not only there to attract brilliant minds, it is actually applied in the "selection" process of papers. Read the official description of Craponometrica:

We all know that all roads lead to Rome, I have verified that there exists at least one road passing through Stockholm, e.g. the one in front of my apartment ... This road should necessarily lead to Rome ... That said there is a road between Stockholm and Rome ....

Enoncé: Au milieu de toutes mes pensées complexes, il existe une pensée où je ne pense qu'a toi.

Théorèmes et axiomes: Le lemme de Zorn (Hausdorff Maximality Theorem) affirme que si un ensemble ordonné tel que toute chaîne (sous-ensemble totalement ordonné) possède un majorant, alors il possède un élément maximal. Toute pensée de moi vers toi est condensée en sentiments donc profonde et surtout compacte.

In a Topology book was that question "What is the difference between a set and a door?". The classical answer, which is the one of the author of the book argues is as follows: There is a difference, because a set can be open, closed or neither open nor closed ... While the door is either open or closed ... A position that I maintained until recently ...

Dans un livre de topologie, figure cette question "Quelle est la différence entre un ensemble et une porte?". La réponse que la plupart des étudiants de Mathématiques et l'auteur même du livre soutient est la suivante: Il y a une différence, car un ensemble peut être ouvert, fermé ou ni ouvert ni fermé... Tandis que la porte est soit ouverte soit fermée... Une position que je maintenais jusqu'à peu...

Supposons que ton cœur est un espace émotionnel X... Tu veux te lier à l'espace émotionnel de ta bien-aimée Y... alors tu as besoin d'une fonction love(.). Quelles sont les conditions qu'on devrait imposer sur love(.) pour que la relation survit?

Forthcoming in Journal of Sentimental Economics (2011).

Introduction Love was the center of many stories, songs and marvels... But nobody in the literature ever spoke about the conditions of existence of love... How would love come to life? Below is a try to prove geometrically that there is only one equilibrium in the dynamic game of life giving rise to love and it is locally stable.

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