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04 Aug 2007

Your sweet words are still echoing in my ears, inspiring my soul Your tender voice, your charming laughter…
Should we let these divine grants sink into sadness; into forgetfulness?
Am I faithless to let that happen?
I think you don’t realize that you are exceptional
You should dream…
The world should dance around you.
The world dances around you
When you dance, the world dances around you
When your lips stretch to show a wonderful smile on your tiny mouth
The world dances around you

07 Jan 2008

"Everything became colorless, obscure in that murky night of the glacial winter, my eyes became of no use while despair and melancholy plagued my soul, but it came, ardent and passionate, it was more like a torch or a fire spear that illuminates everything surrounding it. It broke through my eyes to inflame my heart of straw. My eyes recovered sight and admiration, my soul hope and inspiration; it was a smile, yours"

04 Sep 2007

Early, the city started to put off the black sleeping gown, as some white rays started to beautify the gloomy sky; the thick snow covering the buildings’ roofs, giving cold warmth to the citizens lost in their morning dreams, was showing off its usual glowing white; On the roof of that church, oblivious of that cold paralyzing my limbs, unusually stands a non-existent bird, spreading and waving its snow white wings, filling its lungs with sweet oxygen, inspiring me hope and glory. Even the short words that made it through my scarf-protected throat vanished in a white prayer when they met the glacial morning air.That morning, everything was similar, harmonious; Berlin, the sky, the roofs, the birds, even you, so far away, everything was white... white and beautiful.

Montasser Ghachem © 2007 - 2008

14 Sep 2009

The city with its high buildings and clean streets was staring at you heading north towards the horizon. She could barely hold those rainy tears that gathered in its cloudy sky. It rejoiced itself with the idea of you coming again, with overflowing heart, spreading warmth on that glacial day, flying over the sweetest reminiscences as the recurrent bird of the winter…You will come back, the city will prepare it by covering all its landscapes with sallow snow, being more like a glowing mirror to your joyful smile… It would offer its best… All what is white and beautiful.

Montasser Ghachem © 10.2007

05 Jan 2008

They seem suspicious… gathered close to these windows and turning in round as if performing a native American dance… These tiny air molecules, brought by this northern cold breeze over the diverted Cayi…, were very cautious to come very close to that window, but some could not resist and succumb to the temptation to have a closer look.

09 Aug 2007

You come to life with eagerness to achieve, you would like to reach the highest mountains, stand on the sharpest summits; but many a time, "the wind thwarts your vessel" and you find your dream denied… Between the fears of loss of your passion, your exhausted spirit and the burden of waiting… you stand quiet and inert trying to digest your tears, and rationalize the “injustice”…. Slowly thereafter, you resort to prayers… prayers in the temple of knowledge.

06 Aug 2008

...a beautiful image of an alive and cute being, Sofie.

Just like a doll!

Her eyes speak a silent talk... Her body moves in a charming walk…
It is so tight, slips in the air, so high, so light…
Just like the rays, pushing the dark, fighting the night…

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