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I am an Econ PhD student in Stockholm University. My interests are Poetry, Philosophy, Sociology, Economics and Game Theory. I am currently visiting Harvard University in USA. I share with you here my poems, my essays and my small discoveries in life. From Tunisia to USA, going through Germany and passing by Sweden; flows my life... A tale of metamorphosis!

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post 14 December 2009 in Funny Mathematics!

Dans un livre de topologie, figure cette question "Quelle est la différence entre un ensemble et une porte?". La réponse que la plupart des étudiants de Mathématiques et l'auteur même du livre soutient est la suivante: Il y a une différence, car un ensemble peut être ouvert, fermé ou ni ouvert ni fermé... Tandis que la porte est soit ouverte soit fermée... Une position que je maintenais jusqu'à peu...

post 18 November 2009 in Funny Mathematics!

Supposons que ton cœur est un espace émotionnel X... Tu veux te lier à l'espace émotionnel de ta bien-aimée Y... alors tu as besoin d'une fonction love(.). Quelles sont les conditions qu'on devrait imposer sur love(.) pour que la relation survit?

post 18 April 2009 in Funny Mathematics!

Forthcoming in Journal of Sentimental Economics (2011).

Introduction Love was the center of many stories, songs and marvels... But nobody in the literature ever spoke about the conditions of existence of love... How would love come to life? Below is a try to prove geometrically that there is only one equilibrium in the dynamic game of life giving rise to love and it is locally stable.

post 30 August 2009 in Funny Mathematics!

Nous savons tous que tous les chemins mènent à Rome, j'ai pu vérifié qu'il y au moins un chemin qui passe par Stockholm, au moins celui qui est devant mon appartement... Ce chemin devrait donc nécessairement mener à Rome... Ceci dit qu'il y a un chemin entre Stockholm et Rome....

post 04 September 2007 in Poetry in English

Early, the city started to put off the black sleeping gown, as some white rays started to beautify the gloomy sky; the thick snow covering the buildings’ roofs, giving cold warmth to the citizens lost in their morning dreams, was showing off its usual glowing white; On the roof of that church, oblivious of that cold paralyzing my limbs, unusually stands a non-existent bird, spreading and waving its snow white wings, filling its lungs with sweet oxygen, inspiring me hope and glory. Even the short words that made it through my scarf-protected throat vanished in a white prayer when they met the glacial morning air.That morning, everything was similar, harmonious; Berlin, the sky, the roofs, the birds, even you, so far away, everything was white... white and beautiful.

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