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In Stockholm, through a joint initiative from Montasser Ghachem and Mark Bernard, the scientific journal "Craponometrica" was founded. The journal is novel in so many aspects such as being the first journal with an extremely wide scope within Economics and with no quality strandards. The slogan of journal "We proudly publish anything" is not only there to attract brilliant minds, it is actually applied in the "selection" process of papers. Read the official description of Craponometrica:


"When your paper is rejected everywhere... from Econometrica, AER and all the other journals even from the zimbabwe quarterly journal of economics or Communist Journal of Economics of the University of Cuba... Even, if you, yourself, you are not convinced of your idea and your paper... You came to the right place, the right Journal. Ultimately, this is a journal where all thoughts and ideas, which could not survive any critics... warmly meet! It is an honor for this journal that no paper was ever rejected and researchers usually start by publishing and then go on thinking... Craponometrica is a joint-initiative of M&M."

You can see clearly through the description what really makes the greatness of this journal.It is so encompassing, that it accepts all kinds of conjectures, even the counterintuitive... all kinds of faulty theorems and propositions...even transitory thoughts... the fact that the burden of proof is left to the reader motivates research but not reading... anyway, the journal can't be perfect!

I share with you some articles that we have published:

On the non-stationarity of clothes by Montasser Ghachem. (Received on 8 January 2009; 6:54, Accepted and published on 8th of January 2009)Today, I came to notice that the temperature was -5C after being -15C two days ago. Brilliant minds could clearly see the increase of 10 degrees in the temperature. However, the clothes I wear are the same in terms of thickness and warmth... If we go back to the spring, when the temperature increases from 10C to 20C denoting an increase of 10C as well; the clothes I wear are completely different and I turn to T-shirts and light clothes. If we model the function Clothes (temperature)= C(t); we notice that Winter::{C(t+10)-C(t)} <> Spring::{C(t+10)-C(t)}. Recall that for a stationary process {C(t+s)-C(t)} depends only on s. We clearly proved that clothes as function of temperature is not at all stationary. This would open new research horizons for clothes theory and empirical methods in temperature. The process could be made stationary by integration... the proof is left to the reader..

A really trembling hand equilibrium by Montasser Ghachem. (Received on the 8th January 2009; 6:55, Accepted and published on 8th of January 2009, 6:55 AM)Mark and Monty agree to meet tomorrow. For simplicity and without loss of generality, we call them player 1 and player 2. Their decisions depend on the temperature outside. First, nature chooses temperature and then players choose simultaneously their actions.
(1) Model the game as a Bayesian game with no information at all!
(2) Show that Go-To-Hell action is indeed a Nash Equilibrium.
(3) Show that this action is trembling-hand perfect if and only if the temperature makes at least one of the players tremble..

Beware of long tails by Tim Mavroupolos. (Reception date lost, Accepted and published immediately) After regressing the length of dogs' tails on the temperature (as measured by °C), and controlling for geographical factors, verify a significant positive effect of temperature on the tail length.
Conclude that population distributions with longer tails are more prone to evolutionary instability and shocks (hint: longer tails signal more severe variance).
Therefore, a sudden transformation into elephants is, on average, more likely for Ethiopian dogs than for their Norwegian brothers-in-species.


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